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Hi, I work every day as a film colorist.

If you want to know my story read on...

Initially I was a student at film school in Lodz. After graduation, I started my way in the postproduction industry in Warsaw. 

At the same time I started the adventure with black and white photography. While working as film editor  I came across the issue of color grading and I'm totally fell in love with it. Influencing the final effect of the image, it reminded me photo editing process that I loved so much. I quickly learned how to use Da Vinci Resolve and also completed a few intense color grading courses. Currently, I have abandoned the movie editor career to be able work as a full time colorist under my own brand. Already as a colorist, I gained experience working on advertising spots, music videos, TV series, documentaries and feature films. 

Soon I had the honor to join the Polish Society of Film Colorists and the Colorist Society International. Today, as the owner of a boutique color correction studio in Warsaw, I invite you to cooperate!


I guarantee 100% involved in your project!

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